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Basher customization in Preferences

The bashers are very helpful. Over time, I had ideas of making bashers more functional and customizable. It would definitely be very helpful to make the various bashers customizable.

It begins by having “Basher” as a new item in the Preferences window. It can have the following sub-items, corresponding to the available bashers:
– Bible Basher
– Slide Basher
– Alert Basher
– Stage Basher

Some ideas for various bashers are as follows:
Bible Basher: Same options as “Bible”, so that the content displayed by Bible as a service item versus Bible displayed through the basher can be distinctively different, i.e. a suggested Bible basher improvement elsewhere to display the passage on the current background.
Slide Basher: Same option as “Slides”? Coming to think of it, there’s no real advantage here, since I can already choose the most suitable and reusable background as the default background and customize the background in slide sets.
Alert Basher: Font size, ticker tape color, scrolling speed are helpful customizations. Tickers for general audience is generally more helpful if it is slower, so they can catch the message.
Stage Basher: Font size, ticker tape color, scrolling speed are helpful customizations, especially font size and scrolling speed. The liturgist may be awkwardly reading words as they leisurely appear, so it’s helpful to speed it up sometimes.