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    Is there any way to auto insert a background picture between each item in the running order without having to manually select the picture and insert it each time?
    Other programs seem to default to a background between items but fw3 just goes straight into the next item. Is there a setting to make this happen I have missed?
    Many thanks



    You switch to the background at any point by hitting the F11 key, or switch to a logo by hitting the F10 key. (You can change the logo in Settings >> Preferences). When you want to come away from your logo or background you can hit he F12 key

    Alternatively if you want to ensure your image is in the service list you can save some time by copy/pasting with ctrl+c/ctrl+v or right clicking on the item in the service list. This will save you having to select the same image multiple times



    @daveb, you can add an item from the slide set between songs. That way, after the song, you will transition into the slide set (presumably, a slide set with just one slide), and then when the time is right, you can transition into the next song’s lyrics.

    The great feature about the FW’s slide set is that you can use a motion background instead of a still background. I completely love that capability.

    To be frank, I’m not sure why you would want to add a background picture, especially between songs. It becomes a distraction, especially if this background picture is different from the next song. If it is in fact the same background as the next song’s, in my humble unsolicited semi-professional opinion, the suggestion by @emem using F10, F11, F12 is the way to go, especially with a trained worship presentation operator. The drawbacks are to train said operator on how to use FreeWorship on Emem’s suggestion.

    Alluding to the scenario @daveb is bringing up, there is capability for some worship presentation softwares to display the background of the next song when automatically entering the next song (i.e. using Page Down button at the end of one song to immediately enter into another). Some worship presentation softwares also include a title slide of the next song as the first slide before the lyrics, a topic for another day.

    Honestly, as worship leader, the only reason why I would want a background void of lyrics is so that the congregation won’t sing ahead without me… but in my experience that isn’t a problem because the congregation doesn’t get ahead of the worship leader very much, even with lyrics on screen.

    Side note… another unsolicited suggested use about the F10 logo is to display a graphic of the sermon/theme of the week/month/quarter. Because, let’s face it, it can become a turn-off using your church logo/trademark/emblem/whatever too frequently. In my most recent application, during retreats, I use the retreat graphic for the logo.

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    Many thanks for these replies.
    I should perhaps explain that the auto insert of a background slide after and item is in the scenario where I use a remote pointer to move between items rather than have someone sat at the computer. (small church setting where I lead without the benefit of others to drive the PC) Also say between a song and the next item there is often need to pause, do something else, where a plain or worshipful picture is exactly what is required.
    This isn’t a big deal, and as suggested I can manually add one after each item, its just that I have been used to Open Song in the past where this happens automatically and find it helpful.



    Yes! I completely understand your scenario! In small group or small church worship applications, of which I am currently attending, it is nearly inevitable that the worship leader is the same person controlling the presentation. Been there, definitely done that.

    Anyhooo, back on topic, sometimes I use the Slide Set feature to add just one or more slides between songs. You can add exactly what you wanted, “a plain or worshipful picture”. The bonus about slide-set feature is that you can also add a motion background, if you choose to display one.

    I find the Slide Set received little fanfare. It’s actually one of my favorite features to make weekly announcements, slide shows, grouping graphics together, etc. It can certainly be used in your situation to add a background picture when transitioning between songs. Best of all, it is reusable.

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