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    I’d like to confirm that installing and using Microsoft PowerPoint without activating Office and then hoping to use its files within FreeWorship is asking for trouble. I installed a new PC during the week, then installed MS Office 2010, but didn’t have time to activate it online, so PowerPoint decided to freeze in the middle of a hymn during our Sunday morning service.

    The reason for this is that until Office is activated (we’re allowed 30 days of use before it’s either activated or disabled), each time PowerPoint is launched it throws up a warning message which has to be dismissed (via the Cancel button) before it can continue, but of course FreeWorship can’t and shouldn’t be expected to do that in the background, so things clog up and eventually freeze.

    So the lesson is, make sure you activate MS Office (prior to 365) as soon as it’s installed.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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