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    In a bilingual church, or perhaps if a pastor is an enthusiast in using various translations or versions of the Bible, you have have a hard time switching translations. In such a situation, it is much easier to select the desired passage first, and then deal with the version/translation later.

    After a Bible passage is selected and added to the service list, perform the following steps to change the version/translation:

    1. In the middle section (called the Service Item Display), click on “Edit” to open up the styling menu.
    2. Click on the “Extra” drop-down box, and locate the text “Bible to Use”.
    3. Under “Bible to Use”, there is a drop-down box which you can choose a different translation.
    4. Clicking on a different translation immediately applies it to the current selection of the Bible passage.

    Doing so won’t alter your default Bible version/translation, but only configures the current passage selection to a different translation.

    As a bonus, you can style the font, font size, alignment, and background.

    In all honesty, switching Bible version/translation was actually a pleasant surprise of a by-product when exploring the style editing for Bible passage. However, I think the concept is worthy enough to share as its own topic because I frequently use it to switch between Chinese and English at my church.

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