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    I tried to run a video during the service, and the audio portion turned very choppy about half a minute into it. The whole thing also slowed down. In the end, we abandoned running that video.

    Afterward, I looked into why it had done that. We have a laptop with a Pentium (not multi-core or i-series) and without the external display running, the CPU usage jumped to about 80% when I started the video. When I added the projector, the CPU usage jumped to the high 90s. Apparently, this laptop doesn’t have the horsepower to run the video.

    I tried on Monday with a better laptop (core i5 processor), and everything ran fine but the CPU usage was still way up in the 60-70% range, and spiked even higher.

    Then I remembered there are multiple players in FW. I switched from the EVR player (the default?) to using VLC, and the results were much better. CPU usage was in the 30s, even with the projector active.

    I haven’t tried the VLC player on the original laptop yet, but I’m hoping we’ll be able to use it that way.

    Bottom line: The EVR player is costly on CPU, and VLC is much more economical.

    Moral of the story: Dry-run your service with the actual equipment you’ll be using. Yeah, that’ll mean I have to make an extra trip to the church each week, hook up the laptop, turn on the projector, and run through everything, but it’ll be worth it to give the Lord my best.


    We had video background problems with version 2.0.63 and earlier.. BUT the authors were VERY quick to correct it.

    Allow me to share how we use FreeWorship….. We use it on our outreach/big cell group meetings – basically any out of the main church gathering. We use old laptops with dedicated video ( 2007 HP8510w, 2008 Lenovo T500, 2009 HP8530w. All have C2D cpus). All laptops have been upgraded to SSD or Seagate Momentus XT (hybrid). All run win7 with 4gb memory.  During a service, Powerpoint, Freeworship and sometimes ScreenMonkey run at the same time (of course only one is active at any given time)

    In Freeworship, we noticed that mp4 video backgrounds were prone to lags especially with high resolution files irregardless of the video player used. When we tried a wmv file, it had less lag with Standard Windows player. The work around was to convert all videos to wmv, frame size equal to the projector (1024×768) and bitrate 2k-3k. Then windows media player not VLC is selected.  Before the service, a quick dry run is made so win7 (and the hybrid HD) will allocate memories for the program and files will be used. With the 2.1. xx version, the AUTOselect  is good enough. Oh yes there is still see a slight lag (with some video files) but only when the next song is loaded. I guess it is a matter of how big the file was.

    Knowing my hardware and software limitations, if I were to use FreeWorship just to play a video file, I will run the video first, convert it to a lower resolution if it lags or become choppy. BUT I have not used FreeWorship to play a video file because in my case it is usually handed to me just before the service. I use ScreenMonkey.

    Hope this will be of help to someone.



    I'm using FW3 and trying to get smooth playback. I've tried changing formats, but still choppy. Anyone else have the same issues? Thanks.


    I had an issue with FW3 having choppy video playback and lots of 'LAV' icons showing in the system tray.  Sound seemed fine though.

    I ended up uninstalling the K-Lite codecs that were installed for use by another song presentation app (which asked me if I wanted to restore original filter settings ?! – I said yes).  Everything worked fine after that however I noticed that all video playback was using the bundled VLC player (not DirectShow).


    • Help | Diagnostics | Videos  will list the videos that are loaded and which player is being used
    • Settings | Preferences | Performance | Video Preview Level  can be used to reduce system load by not running the video in preview

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