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    FreeWorship Devs = AMAZING! Thanks for amazing software.
    How do i create my service list project at home on my PC and then move the entire service list project together with all its associated elements like motion backgrounds, images, slides sets, etc. to the Church’s computer? Using the ‘Export’ menu option doesn’t seem to accomplish this.

    Thanks in advance for any and all advice on this topic.

    Apologies if this was raised in previous discussion – i couldn’t seem to find a thread that answers this.

    Thanks again, much appreciated!


    David C Smith

    I would find the ability to do this very useful too, so any guidance would be appreciated.



    What isn’t working with the exported service list? That should pack everything into a single file so it can be used anywhere.

    Anything stored in the database folder is linked to automatically when switched between computers. You can sync the database between your multiple computers using any cloud file sharing software. There is more information about how to do this here:

    Is is possible to transfer my database to my other machine



    I do this by putting everything onto a USB dongle including Freeworship
    I always set everything up at home then take it to church and pull it in.
    Never had any problems doing this.



    Thanks for your reply prattrm.
    When you type ‘putting everything onto a USB….. and pull it in’, this seems to defeat the purpose of being able create at home and then use at church. The objective is to try and eliminate the drama associated with reorganising all the content.

    Itzalive came back with a helpful link that I hope to find time to try out soon. Involves carting the database file to the target pc. He alleges that it carries with it all the embedded stylising, video clips, motion backgrounds, images etc. If this works, then it will be brilliant.



    I use the portable version and run everything from a usb flash drive. I prepare it at home then run the same when I get to the church. I have been using this approach for the last year with much success. Just make sure everything you use in the presentation is on the usb.


    David C Smith

    I tried the Export List feature yesterday and it worked fine by opening the .fwsx file in FreeWorship, so will continue to use it. However, I also need to extract my media and PowerPoint files from the exported list once it’s on the church laptop. I keep a full archive of everything on there, so will still have to copy and transport the files separately if there’s no extraction method. BUT, having experimented, I discovered that the export file (.FWSX) is actually a ZIP archive in disguise! I changed its file extension to .ZIP and lo and behold, everything extracts neatly into separate folders. Perfect!

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    Aha! Seems you’ve found out our little secret. FWSX files are indeed ZIPs in disguise. So for those users with a bit of technical nous (such as yourself) that know what they’re doing can take advantage of this.
    If you’ve got the time, it may be worth posting in the “I can do it better” forum. You might as well get some brownie points for your discovery 🙂



    Hi, sorry to bring old topic back.

    I need to play my created service list that I do it at home to my church.
    I tried export list feature but none works.
    What I did was, I export my service list to USB, and I open service list on my church. It didn’t show anything at all.

    Can anyone help me step by step please? Thanks a lot!

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