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    I’m new to Free worship.. so far love it.

    I would like to set up my environment to allow me to create a service list at home which would include songs and powerpoint items. Songs and powerpoint items are in a shared folder on dropbox. The songs I can add to a service list and the church computer will pick it up because they are from the song database… powerpoint items seem to be a different story because an absolute pathname is stored in the service list xml file. When I open the service list on the church computer, if fails to locate powerpoint file (because of the absolute file path). I tried to use a system variable with no luck.. is there a way to do this ?



    Our recommendation would be to configure the Dropbox folder so it’s in the same location on each PC.

    There are a couple of people here in the forums that have use FreeWorship like this, so hopefully they’ll chime in and share how they get things done at their respective churches. (I think @andrewlee1982 uses the same dropbox configuration as you and he’s really good at explaining stuff)


    Thanks for your response. I have made some progress on this front and did basically as you described. I used a hard link in windows to create a virtual directory that would be common on both computers. For example, in my case I created a link called c:\lnDropbox and mapped it to my dropbox location.. the command line was:

    mklink /j c:\lnkDropbox c:\users\my_name\dropbox

    c:\users\my_name\dropbox is the real location of my dropbox folder. .. c:\lnkDropBox is the virtual location that points to it.

    I then use the path c:\lnkDropbox\share… to add powerpoint files (or videos etc) to my service list. I then save the serviceList on dropbox as well… I can now open the the serviceList on the other computer at church and all my service items can be found.

    Everybody is happy.

    I didn’t know that one could do links in windows.. I thought it was only a unix thing

    Thanks again.


    Oh dear! I have to say that’s genius! You have to share this under “Tips and Tricks”!

    There should be a word of caution though, especially creating a directory junction to a dropbox folder. Like all links, deleting or moving files actually impact the original location as well. I’m bringing this up because the DropBox sync icons do not appear with the files/dirs from the link (c:\lnkDropbox). It can create the illusion that the file isn’t linked to DropBox.

    This deletion mishap happened to me; hence, this is something I’m mentioning in hindsight. But no worries, I recovered everything. Cheers!


    Thanks for sharing your experience. A wise word of caution.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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