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    Why does FreeWorship3 give an “Error:Could not import file as Bible” when we try to install our new purchased plugin?
    How can we fix this to get it installed?



    Sorry you are having issues.

    Our Bible purchasing has recently been overhauled.

    You should not need to do anything other than ensure you are logged into FreeWorship using the account that you ordered from. The Bible will then automatically be added to your database.

    Let me know if this isn’t happening.

    Many thanks,



    Hi Peter

    We have version 3.4.2 of Freeworship. We have logged out of FreeWorship, restarted our computer, logged back in and tried to import. It keeps giving us and error when trying to install the .dll file.

    Is there something specific we need to do, put the .dll file in a specific folder maybe before installing?

    Thank You


    Hi Wilmar,

    Apologies I’m clearly not doing a good job of explaining!

    So you don’t need to import or install anything. It is correct that the Bible will not install in this way.

    Can you go into Tools > database manager please, click on Bibles and just send me a screenshot? So I can see what’s going on!

    Many thanks,


    Larne Cong Ch

    I have been having issues displaying ESV bible versions.
    I can see that ESV should display but it displays as ASV. I have tried emailing but am getting no responce.


    @Larne, is your ESV Bible a plugin, or was it imported as an XML file?

    If it is the latter, please check the XML file’s content, to see if the Bible’s abbreviation is accidentally named as “ASV” instead of “ESV”. A simple text search in the XML file should help you conclude this matter.

    If it is the former, being a Bible plugin, I hope FW team can address your issue.


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