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    Happy 2nd Birthday FreeWorship!

    It has now been 2 years since FreeWorship was concieved and it has gone from strength to strength. We are celebrating that with the release of FreeWorship 2.0.

    FreeWorship 2.0 is a major improvement over FreeWorship 1.2 and adds many new features. Most notably remote displays, stage displays, video streams, image set ordering, media background browser, and copyright formatting. Along with all of these there are many minor enhancements and bug fixes, for a full list see the changelog.

    Stage Display

    The addition of stage displays allows for foldback monitors to be used to show the worship team and speakers more information about what is happening. Not only does it show the current slide but also more information on that slide, what is coming up next, any information as to what is coming next, and the current time. All this extra information can be used to make it quick and easy for the worship team to flow seamlessly through a service. The stage display can either be setup on a third monitor connected to your machine or for those whos machine don't support this, like ours, via remote display.

    Stage Display Example

    Remote Display

    In FreeWorship 2.0 you will be able to connect remotely to displays on other computers. Now there is no need to run video cables to have foldback screens wherever you want. This also means you can have as many foldback displays as you would like wherever you like, as long they are connected to the same network. 

    Video Streams

    Adding a webcam or video input to your service list is now just as easy as adding a song. Our easy preview thumbnails will let you quickly select and swap between multiple video inputs. These can also be disabled to improve performance allowing you control over your installation.

    Image Set Ordering

    One thing some of you longer term users have found is that after a while the image set browser can get quite cluttered with each weeks notices and talk slides. In order to solve this issue we have added two new features – image set ordering and image set searching. Image set ordering allows you to sort the image sets by date modified and date created as well as the default alphabetical order. This means that you can always get to the latest image sets just as easily as ever. The image set searching allows you to find those historic sets that disappear into the list. The search also looks at each specific image name so you can find an old notice which you need again.

    Media Background Browser

    One part of FreeWorship that we felt was lacking was the background selection for images and videos. Well no longer! We have designed a brand new media selector which is already far better than those previously in FreeWorship. With your feedback I'm sure we can improve it further still but it is a great start. You now have a full folder browser where you can easily jump between folders and quickly select and test various images and videos. You can do this not only in the database but also in any folder on your computer.

    Copyright Formatting

    A lot of you have asked if you can change the style of the copyright settings. Well now in FreeWorship 2.0 you can. We have designed it such that there is no need to be have to ever change it and will look just as good as it ever did. With complete control over how, where, and what is displayed you can change every setting related to the copyright information. 

    We are really excited to hear your feedback on these latest features if you want to try it out you can download FreeWorship 2.0 now, just head over to our download page.


    New release is looking great. Happy Birthday!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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