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    There has been discussion about issues importing OpenSong song files. Fret not, dear OpenSong users who desire to import your database into FreeWorship. It is possible, albeit it needs a little finesse.

    Current behavior of FreeWorship (up to 3.4) does not successfully recognize the song files in the OpenSong’s “Song” folder. Oddly enough, OpenSong stores their song files without any extension, which might be the reason why it’s not recognized by FreeWorship.

    The solution? @emem and @daveb had the right solution in mind… to rename the files and add the “.xml” extension.

    Sure enough, it picks up the files and imports. However, what if you have a database of hundreds, if not thousands of songs? Renaming them individually is not an impossible effort, but it is silly to go through that exercise.

    The trick? Go to the Windows command prompt, navigate to OpenSong’s “Song” folder, preferably a copy of the folder, and issue the following command: rem * *.xml

    That command will rename all the files in the folder and add “.xml” to the end of the file, thereby making the extension-less file into an XML file that FreeWorship can recognize.


    • Copy OpenSong’s “Songs” folder to a different location, so not to accidentally modify the actual database.
    • The Windows “Command Prompt” can be found by typing “cmd” after clicking the Windows icon on the bottom left of the screen.
    • Rename all files to add the “.xml” extension by issuing the command: ren * *.xml


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