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    A couple of you have asked about transfering your database from one machine to another or using FreeWorship on multiple machines. This is not only possible but FreeWorship has been designed with this specifically in mind.

    It is easy to copy the database between machines as you can just copy the database folder from one computer to another. The folder is by default stored in a folder called 'Data' inside your installation directory (for installed versions this is normally C:Program FilesFreeWorshipData or C:Program Files (x86)FreeWorshipData). You can check if another folder is being used instead of the deafult folder by going to File > Preferences > Database.
    This is however a one time copy and would mean and changes made on one computer after the copy wouldn't be made on the other computer. To make the database between two computers syncronise I suggest using folder backup / synchronisation software such as Dropbox. If you copy the database to the Dropbox folder once Dropbox is installed and either login to Dropbox on both computers or share the folder with another Dropbox user (see the database will be syncronised between the computers. You can then tell FreeWorship to use this database instead of the default one by going to Database > Change Location inside FreeWorship and selecting the new folder inside Dropbox. As our database is made up of separate individual files changes can be synced without any problems to other users also using the same database.


    I just asked this question on your FB page.  THANK YOU SO MUCH!!   I have the database on the new laptop.  I was afraid that I would have to type them all in again. 

    Appreciate Freeworship!!  Been using it the past 2 years.

    One more question:    I use Powerpoint for our announcements and this morning when it got to the end, it wouldn't start all over – it just stopped.  I need some help with that.

    Thanks for your help.

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