Is it possible to import PowerPoint files for projection?

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    A recently emailed in questions about powerpoint 'Is it possible to import PowerPoint files for projection?'.

    It is possible to import Powerpoints into FreeWorship by exporting them as a series of images. If you save a PowerPoint as JPG or BMP (Select file type/extension in save as dialog) it will ask if you would like to save the whole slideshow as a series of images. This can then be imported into FreeWorship by creating a new image set and either clicking add image button, copying and pasting or dragging and dropping the PowerPoint images into the image set.

    Quite a few of you have been asking whether we will add a PowerPoint feature to FreeWorship. Although it is a feature we would love to include, and agree that it would complete FreeWorship as a complete solution, we would like to focus on stability, and streamlining and enhancing existing features first. Our delay is also because of the difficulty of working with Microsoft software, especially as there are so many different versions. Although I say this, powerpoint integration is something we would definitely like to include as soon as we are able to. We have begun the initial research stages of trying to work out what is possible however there are many complications and development will not be quick.


    Yes it is = just get a ppt -> txt converter (there are dozens to choose from on the web) and batch convert all your PowerPoint slides to text, next use create song in FW and paste the text in. Works a charm! If FW developers don’t want to spend time coding a conversion feature they might consider licensing one of the utilities software code to include and then you would be 90% done to include a batch import feature.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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