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    Firstly our new laptop is running:
    Windows 10 Pro 64-bit
    Microsoft PowerPoint 2019 64-bit

    So our church uses some PowerPoint slides as well as FreeWorship Songs and slides. We create a Service List during the week and save it in Dropbox. This is then saved locally on to the laptop for the Sunday service. Then on the Sunday we start FreeWorship and open the service list.

    This is where we can have problems. Sometimes it will load correctly, sometimes 3 out of 4 PowerPoints will work and the other one will say ‘PowerPoint failed respond to FreeWorship’ and other times all PowerPoints will say ‘PowerPoint failed respond to FreeWorship’.

    This weeks Service List had 4 PowerPoints in. Two were .ppt and two were .pptx
    Needless to say it didn’t work. This afternoon I converted both PowerPoints to .pptx
    This still didn’t work.
    So I uninstalled FreeWorship including the settings etc. as it had been installed before Microsoft Office had been installed on the new laptop. I then shutdown and turned it on again. I then reinstalled FreeWorship.
    We still have the same problem.

    I have recreated the same service list from scratch and it works fine. I save it as a new file name and shutdown the laptop. I turn it back on and open the service list and again ‘PowerPoint failed respond to FreeWorship’.

    Can anyone help please?


    We have this on occasion,. The simple answer is to remove and then add again the item in question. We have found this then generally loads fine.


    Good job using DropBox to sync up your service items! I’m glad to see such a feature has been very helpful to the community.

    One thing I noticed is that using external (non FreeWorship) files (such as PowerPoint, videos, etc) can be a bit tricky, because files are stored in absolute paths. Chances are, the Windows user folder is a different path, as in the PC that you prepared your FreeWorship service content will likely have a different username and path on the church laptop you’re running the presentation.

    As such, FW on the church laptop won’t be able to locate the external file (in your case, the PPTX file), even though it is synced through DropBox.

    Try this workaround on the laptop you’re running the presentation:

    1. Remove the PPTX file from service.
    2. Add the PPTX file back into service.

    Another workaround is to save the PPTX file within the “Data” folder used by FW, where it stores all the songs, bibles, slides, etc. If I understand how the application works internally, files stored within that “Data” folder are stored in relative paths. So, simply create a new folder within “Data” folder, for example, a folder named “pptx”, and keep your PPTX files there.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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