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    Hi All, especially devs at FreeWorship!!
    Such an awesome program!

    Been using FreeWorship for a little under a year, & our Laptop needed an upgrade.
    So that’s been sorted, Database transferred, manually updated the setting, saved a default Service List from the old workhorse and just as I think we’re ready to deploy the new workhorse, I notice it doesn’t load any service lists.

    The error I receive is “Service Lis ‘…’ Could not be read file from disk”

    Please help, I’d love to present the new workhorse this Sunday but can’t do so if the service list doesn’t load 🙁


    I have the same problem … just started happening last week…..I dont know if was the update or what … the version is FreeWorship

    the only I can do is trying to do the service list on sunday morning, hoping the program doesn’t stop, freezing or crashing .


    I have the same problem.. I was prompted to upgrade to now can read saved freeworship files (*.fws). Please help.. thanks


    Sorry…. previous post should read “can’t read saved freeworship files…”


    Anyone had any solutions to this problem as my back laptop has this problem while the main laptop won’t run with PowerPoint slides

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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