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    When I try and import the NIV and NKJV downloads from Opensong, it says "Could not import file as Bible."

    The others have worked fine, but we often have people read from different versions during the service.

    Any idea?  Thank you.



    It is likely that your bible is not in a FreeWorsihp readable format. FW can only import bibles in the Zefania format



    Is there anywhere I can find a NBLH (Nueva Biblia latinoamericana de hoy) spanish version? thanks!


    Richard Arias

    Hello guys, I want to use FreeWorship 3 for my church, I have used others presentation softwares but I find this one more useful. I´ve been looking everywhere for a bible version (Reina Valera 1960 – this is a spanish version) but I have not found it. Do you know where I can get it?.I just find that version for another software which is ¨Quelea¨ that also uses .xml files but any of those works with FreeWorship 3. I would really appreciate your help.


    Richard Arias

    Would you help me please. Thank you



    Here’s a source of public domain Bibles. Hope it helps.



    It’s a newer translation but if we could get The Passion Translation (TPT) that would be awesome.



    AFAIK, FW currently only works with the traditional 66 books of the Bible.
    In this regard The Passion Translation is incomplete, currently only with NT and some of the OT books (Psalms, Proverbs, Song of Songs). If an XML file exist for this translation, it would be properly rendered in FW and practically the rest of other worship presentation softwares.

    The best solution for a Bible polyglot is still MS Office PowerPoint, OpenOffice Presentation, and LibreOffice Impress, where you can cut and paste your desired translation that is not readily available through any worship presentation software.

    Not to mention, FW can create slide sets so you can cut and paste your desired TPT verses. The drawback is that you would be the limited to the styling that slide sets allows.

    If the idea of using MS Office to present Bible verses help, FW can render MS PowerPoint files. The FW Pro version has early support of Google Slides too.



    Yes it is possible to get any bible in your language in xml format which is accepted by freeworship provided that you have first that bible in your pc in pdf format, word document or txt format. Just be in touch i will show you how to get it.


    Dee Kay maw

    Hie guys my name is Dee Kay … !I use Free Worship “ILOVE IT” but I need to add the English Standard Version into the bible section and I’m having a difficult time . Can anyone please tell me where to download it . Thank you



    You can find it here Click Here (PH4.Org)

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    Im getting an error when importing “Complete Jewish Bible”, any fixes?



    @dlife, what is the error? You might want to start a separate thread for this, as it is outside the scope of this thread.

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