Getting Started Guide

When FreeWorship opens you will be able to see the following window. If you are having trouble displaying FreeWorship on your projector follow our step by step guide on how to setup your projector screen.

FreeWorship main window

1. Song search box

Search through all existing songs in the database using either a title search, lyric contents search, or both. To add a song to the service list double click it in the search results or select it and press enter. To see what songs are currently in the database go to Tools > Manage Database in the toolbar.

2. Service list controls

This toolbar controls the service list and its contents.

Service list control bar

a) Edit the currently selected item
b) Add header to the service list
c & d) Move item up & down
e) Remove item from the service list

3. Service list

Here you can see the items in the current service list. Select an item to preview it and then show it on the display.

4. Transition editor

The transition editor allows you to change how slides transition between each other. Transitions currently available include fading, flying, zooming, wiping, covering, uncovering, flipping and splitting.

5. Service item display settings

The middle section of the window shows the service item information. Here you can select which verse to display for songs, control a video or select how many bible verses you would like to display.

6. Style Editor

Here the font and layout settings of the foreground can be changed. Click the ‘Edit’ button to expand the editor this will allow you to edit and use a custom style for the item. Click ‘Clear’ to remove any custom styling and return to the default style.

7. Background Editor

Here the format of the content can be changed. Change the font and layout settings of the foreground and change the background. The background can be a solid colour, gradient, an image, or a video.

8. Show / hide display

One of the most important buttons, this toggles whether the screen is displayed or hidden on your second monitor / projector. By pressing the drop down arrow to the right of the button you can also show and hide the stage display and select which output each display is shown on.

9. Preview window

The preview window shows you exactly what will appear on the display once you apply it. This means you can setup a new style and change lyrics and see what it will look like before you put anything in front of your audience.

10. Apply preview button

This will apply all the settings and content in the preview display to the live & presentation displays

11. Display state buttons

These control the state of the display screen. From left to right they are; to black, to logo, to background and show content.

12. Live window

The live window shows you exactly what is currently being displayed on the presentation screen.