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Android App

Add a android app that is firstly a remote for services that have already been setup and then further it to be able to setup and run services by itself.


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Enhancements to Alert Functionality

This is from Flavio Noboru Ono:

Improvement suggestion function alert

I would like to ask for an improvement in the alert function, it would be wonderful if I could be able to adjust the alert bar to the top and not only fixed down, change the color and not just blue, adjust the text speed, text font type and size.


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Portable Presentation Viewing

Make it possible to view slides in phone/tablet browser. Don’t need any editing features but more like a secondary screen for people to use if they have difficulty seeing main screen or for musicians that want to see stage info closer to them.

I know a app may be made (great idea) but this would allow people to view the presentation on any device without needing to download software (daunting for some and takes up precious space on phone) and without them being able to change the presentation


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Mac App

We need this excellent app in our Macs.


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Styling per individual words

There is this function in EasyWorship that allows styling per individual words instead of entire verse or song. You can highlight a single word and apply a particular font or colour and even highlight selected of choice. Kindly improve on this function because it would be nice to have it in Freeworship. Thanks.


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Automatic Song import Option

Saved .txt files downloaded from SongSelect website can be automatically imported from a chosen folder that will be scanned for changes, so that when the file is downloaded to that folder, the FreeWorship XML engine will automatically parse and import it to the \Data\Songs folder.

The option could include presets that define what format (OpenLyrics, SongSelect, EasyWorship, etc.) the automatically imported files are in.

Please respond with any clarifications or questions.



Songbook Management

This could be a feature to add to the Database Manager, or a separate manager.

1. Create a Songbook
2. display the contents of the songbook in table format; possible columns: Song number, Title, Authors.
3. Add a Song to a Songbook (as opposed to typing the songbook name and number in the window to edit a song), Just like the “Create Song” button in the Database Manager window.


Background configurable per song, song book, item type (biblie, song, slide, etc.)

The background should be set by song so that you do not need to change it every time you add a new song or use always the same default. Basically when editing a song, the background should be allowed to be set by the user. If a song has no background set, then it will default to song’s book and if not, then the preferences default. Videos may be configured as background as well for particular songs or bible verses.