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Android App

Add a android app that is firstly a remote for services that have already been setup and then further it to be able to setup and run services by itself.


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Repeat a previously added alerts as desired

Previously added alerts, when double-clicked in order to reuse, repeats 5 times by default. Perhaps it could use the configuration on top, that if typed to repeat X times, when clicking on a previously used alert, it will repeat X times.

Use case:
At the beginning of service, the ushers noticed somebody left their car lights on. So I have an alert that says, “Car plate ABC123, your lights are on.” Then I initially created it to repeat twice.

Halfway through the service, the an usher notified me that the matter is not resolved, so I need to repeat the same message again. This time I want to only show it once, so it does not become a distraction.

And perhaps the poor bloke was still distracted, then I choose to that message 10 times to get the message across. Yes, that would be cruel.

It would be helpful to have the capability to repeat an alert in the desired number of times, as opposed to the current 5 by default.

Affects version 3.1.2 (also in 3.1.1)


Songbook Management

This could be a feature to add to the Database Manager, or a separate manager.

1. Create a Songbook
2. display the contents of the songbook in table format; possible columns: Song number, Title, Authors.
3. Add a Song to a Songbook (as opposed to typing the songbook name and number in the window to edit a song), Just like the “Create Song” button in the Database Manager window.


Additional Bible versions

Add additional Bible translations such as NIV, The Message etc

Please follow the forums on the topic of using additional Bible versions.

The additional Bible translations mentioned are copyrighted which is why they are not available. We have limited resources to obtain and sell licences for all of these Bibles initially but will aim to work towards getting them all eventually.

In the meantime if there is a specific Bible you wish to use which you cannot find in one of the mentioned forum topics then please comment here so we can prioritise the most popular Bible translations.



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Freeze Live Screen

Sometimes you want to leave a photo or video or looping slide set while making changes to the services or editing songs in the middle panel.

If you have “select on single click” option on, which is good for easily switching bible and song verses in live, you will be easily changing the live screen without wanting or even realizing.

So my proposed feature is just to add a button between the preview and live screen as the black and logo ones, to freeze the current live item while changing the others on the middle panel.

Another interesting feature related to this is to allow on the middle panel to turn “select on single click” on or off, without going to the preferences which can act as the default. Moreover that setting should be allowed to be set by item type and not for all. It is, you may want to “select on single click” on for songs but not for slide sets or bibles (which are normally sequentially presented).


Background configurable per song, song book, item type (biblie, song, slide, etc.)

The background should be set by song so that you do not need to change it every time you add a new song or use always the same default. Basically when editing a song, the background should be allowed to be set by the user. If a song has no background set, then it will default to song’s book and if not, then the preferences default. Videos may be configured as background as well for particular songs or bible verses.


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Auto open the last service list or default service configurable

When opening FW, it would be good to have the last service list used opened automatically, or leave a configurable option in preferences, to set a default one, unless a blank service is specifically set as wanted.

Also allowing to remove those in recent list not used anymore.

In many cases, it is not always the same person that prepares and uses the program all church meetings, so this will avoid confusion on which service to use.