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Ability to loop multiple videos in a cycle


Guest shared this feature

May 30, 2018

It would be nice to be able to put together various videos and loop through however many there are. For instance if I have announcements that are broken into segments then I could order them 1-10 and loop all 10 segments. The following week 7 of those may be repeated with a new one so I would be able to loop 1-8 the following week without recreating one announcement video to loop through again. This would shorten the time it takes for churches doing custom video announcements and allow them to only deal with the creation of new segments of video while removing older announcements.

One Comment

  1. You can already do that using the “Slide Set” feature. You create multiple slides and use a motion background or a video as the background of the slide. You can then reuse that slide set in future announcements. I recently used that feature in a conference to repeat the announcements after every session.

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