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Ability to play music in service list


Guest shared this feature

May 30, 2018

Allow MP3s to be played in the service list. The number of times we have a special where there is music that has to be played in the middle of a service list is ridiculous. Currently this requires another player to be invoked or converting the mp3 to an mp4. Being able to include this in the service list would be greatly helpful.


  1. There are other things to consider. i.e…
    Do you want to associate the MP3 to a song in the service list?
    While the music is playing, do you plan to display the title of the song being played, or do you plan to display lyrics associated to the song?
    How much control do you want? i.e. Do you want the song to start immediately when the song is displayed live, or do you prefer to hit a play button whenever you are actually ready to play?

    I’ve played with worship presentation softwares (free and paid) that associate audio files with songs. None of them have satisfactory control for a sound operator. For example, I do not want the audio file to be played immediately, but rather whenever the people on stage are ready to perform… all while at the same time I want to display the lyrics or the background of the lyrics and play at the appropriate time.

    To me, it is all about control as A/V operator. For this reason, I actually think it is better to use a separate application to play the MP3.

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