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Add a youtube video feature so people can just put a video on screen. and this idea is for EVERYONE! NOT JUST FOR PRO


bigbcool shared this feature

October 19, 2018

So people can find timers easy or Chirstrain Hip-hop even maybe, and songs like Alive or God’s not dead

One Comment

  1. This suggested feature already available in the Video feature. When you add a video, you can either choose a local video file or paste a YouTube URL from the web.

    After clicking the globe icon (for internet), it is easily missed that users can paste a YouTube URL by clicking the “Paste” icon to the right of the greyed out textbox. It looks as if you can click it and paste a URL there, but the way to do it is to copy the URL from a web browser and then click on the the “Paste” icon instead.

    Hope that helps!!

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