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Adding to database


Guest shared this feature

March 10, 2018

Allow users to create a running order on one computer and allowing it to work on another computer.

Allowing the addition of songs and graphics to a computer that doesn’t have the songs and graphics.[similar to how easy worship has it.]


  1. I use the portable version loaded onto a USB drive. this allows me to set up the service on one computer (at home) then the the USB drive to church and run it there.

  2. This database feature you described is already available, to “create” in one computer and “allowing it to work” on another computer, presumably importing the database or syncing the database through the cloud.

    I’m already achieving all this through DropBox.

    You’ll have to save FW database in DropBox–your songs, photos/motion backgrounds in the folder, Bibles, etc.

    I effectively use this method among shared locations if there is an internet connection. The database can also be transferred using a thumb drive. The Database Manager in FW effectively can import all settings, songs, Bibles, slides, etc.

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