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Bible Basher option to overlay text on current background


andrewlee1982 shared this feature

May 31, 2018

Currently the Bible Basher opens the default background (and default Bible, which is not a necessary component of this suggested feature).

I think it can be visually less jarring if there is an option to let the Bible Basher display the Bible verse(s) on the current background–be it a still background, motion background, or streaming video. This is helpful if the worship leader is quoting a Bible verse in the middle of a song while the still/motion background is playing, or when a preacher is quoting the Bible during as the pulpit is streamed live.

Here are some implementation ideas:
1. Have a checkbox on the Bible Basher slide/section (ctrl+1) for “Use current background”, so it can be toggled to use the default background or to use the current background (whether still/motion/stream is currently in use).
2. In Preferences, have “Bible Basher” as a separate customizable option under “Bible” (Oh! Here comes ideas for Basher customization!). That way the configuration for the Bible Basher can be different from the Bible configuration–Different translation, number of verses shown, text alignment, etc, and especially the option to display text on “current” background.

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