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Bible Feature


Guest shared this feature

April 13, 2018

Can we have a bible interface that will easily let you switch between various bible versions instead of settings/preferences. That is to long for you to switch between bible versions

One Comment

  1. The desire to easily switch between Bible versions is necessary when you have a bilingual/multilingual congregation, or if your pastor is a Bible polyglot–not that it’s necessarily a bad thing. However, there are editing steps which are much faster than going to “Settings” and then “Preferences” to change the Bible translation every time!!!

    Instead of going to “Settings”–>”Preferences” to change the Bible, have you tried clicking on the Bible verse and click “Edit” in the center pane where the Bible verses are displayed?

    You can then click on “Extra” and then choose your preferred translation in the drop-down box under “Bible to use”.

    Hope that helps!

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