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Display Masking


Guest shared this feature

May 31, 2018

A great feature to add would be display masking, so we can project on different surfaces. I included some pictures of an example of a stage design that can be used with display masking.

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  1. On second thought, the display mask itself can be as simple as masking specific areas on the screen that you like. I was thinking of much more advanced masking, related to immersive environmental projection, but simple masking doesn’t have to be that involved.

  2. You are introducing a very advanced feature. Before this feature is feasible, the software has to support environmental projection, or maybe even triple-wide format.

    But we’ll see how FW develops in the future.

    In my A/V experience, and working with different churches, while this is a “helpful” feature for those who have become accustomed with display masking, this feature is not helpful for 99.9999% of the churches around the world.

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