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Down arrow change song lyrics


Guest shared this feature

December 1, 2018

It would be more intuitive if the down arrow would simply change the song lyrics on the live, and not pagedown.

One Comment

  1. I would disagree. Nearly all powerful worship presentation softwares use arrow keys for navigation rather than slide transition. Any worship presentation software that breaks from this trend will need to re-think how the rest of the arrow keys are purposed in the software.

    Plus, in my opinion, all worship presentation softwares need training. As a user, FreeWorship is as user friendly as it can be. In fact, you figured out that the PageDown key transitions slides!

    Do you also know that the PageDown key can also help you automatically transition to the next service item, whether it is another song, Bible verse, slide set, video, etc? It is a very powerful functionality.

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