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Support of V1a and V1b, V2a an V2b, C1a and C1b…


Guest shared this feature

April 26, 2019

OpenLP (which is open source) is actually capable of using and editing song xml files with several diffrent “Verses 1” or other “identical” parts. In the xml File they are registered as V1a and V1b (or even V1c etc.).

I think this would be easy to intgrate and enormous helpful for all bilingual churches!

If you could integrate this feature asaps I would even buy the pro version.

Best Wishes, Go bless u 🙂

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One Comment

  1. I have actually brought this up before, but FW consumes and implements OpenLyrics standards differently than OpenLP. To do what you’re suggesting is actually more compliant with OpenLyrics standards, but it will be an overhaul to how FW arranges the lyrics.

    I actually hope they do that too, eventually (maybe FW 4?). I deal with Bilingual lyrics too, in the meantime, I interweave the languages line by line. That might work for you, to include both languages in one slide.

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